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T Shirt Printing Machine For Sale

T Shirt Printing Machine For Sale

Printing area: 38*38CM/40*50CM/40*60CM/50*70CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:72*46*42CM/76*69*48CM/76*69*48CM/83*80*48CM
Gross weight:22.4KG/36KG/33.5KG/54.7KG

  • Features & Specification

    Product features and our advantages of the t shirt printing machine for sale

    Thick operation platform with special treatment, can be sublimation printing, thermal transfer, bronzing, hot drilling and other products; work table flat as a mirror, fine workmanship, printed products better!

    the t shirt printing machine for sale applications

    After spraying, paint, electrophoresis and other metal decorative panels, security doors, metal molded doors, aluminum, metal ceilings, curtain rails, metal pipe, handicrafts, metal furniture and other metal surface thermal transfer decoration.

    Product Specifications of the t shirt printing machine for sale



    The machine work, the control panel shows the temperature far exceeds the set value, and rising

       Cause: The heated solid state relay is broken and the temperature is not controlled

       Solution: Remove the rear shell of the machine and replace the solid state relay


    If it is cold-ripping press transfer paper , please use blackboard wiper to rub against the whole press transfer paper , wait for 5-10secs ,then rip off the transfer paper . If it is the hot-ripping press transfer paper, you can rip off immediately after printing.The effect is very beautiful


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