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Air Double Station Heat Press Machine

Air Double Station Heat Press Machine

Pneumatic Air double station air heat machine specification Summary This machine can print colorful patterns and words of sublimation and solvent ink on the fabrics of cotton, linen and chemical fiber. It also can perform heat treatments such as flock pyrography and foaming printing process, etc. economical and practicable.

  • Features & Specification

    1.Electronic temperature conduct, heating Uniformity

    2Temperature accuracy if controlled by digital display intelligent temperature controller

    3Pressure is adjustable, Suitable for high Pressure heat press and sublimation transfer printing.

    4Electronic time controller . the heating board will rise automatically when finish working.

    Printing area (mm)38X38cm  40X50cm  40X60cm  60X80cm  


      Power1800W 2200W 2500W  6000W

      Temperature Range0-399

      Time Range0-999S



     Operation Procedures

    Turn on power switch, then set up required temperature, time, and voltage (or oil pressure); Temperature setting: PV stands for actual temperature,  SV stands for given setting temperature, press SET button, press ▲ button or ▼ button for setting up required temperature, press SET button again for return to interface after setting, the button will be locked automatically and heating  up to the required temperature. When reaching the required temperature, place the material on the worktable, then push it in lightly, press manual switch ( green light run , red light stop), when reaching transfer printing time, the heating board rising automatically, push it out from the worktable. Can convert to automatic operation. Check the finished products, mass production cannot be arranged unless required temperature, time and voltage reaching the desired effect, conversely, adjust temperature, time and voltage as per requirement.

    If the position is found to be wrong during the process of stamping, press the red “Emergent Stop” button to stop stamping. After modification, turn on power switch and pull it in the worktable.

    Notes: don’t adjust SET button at will after setting up temperature and time of temperature controller, otherwise the manufacturer will not guarantee maintain if the temperature controller get bad.

     repair and maintenance

    Voltage: if pressure is not enough or too strong, adjust the pressure adjustment valve on the gas cylinder, adjust pressure screw clockwise to increase the pressure, counter clockwise to decrease the pressure ( note that if there is lubricating oil in gas cylinder)

    Temperature: while the heating board not working or heating unevenly or slowly after setting, check the thermometer, fuse, and thermocouple, the light will bright if fuse get bad, the temperature controller will display (1) if it gets bad, if temperature keep rising that indicates temperature controller get bad or SSR get bad, then loosen the control wire of SSR, if it still keep rising, it indicates SSR gets bad, if temperature no longer rising, that’s temperature controller get bad.

    Check if there is water in the filter cup of the gas cylinder control valve ahead of operation, watering if there is water, if the lubricating oil in the oil cup is below the bottom line, oil it but not too much if too lower.

    Please feel free to contact us without any delay if there is any problem in the quality

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