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Tee Shirt Printing Machine

Tee Shirt Printing Machine

Printing area: 38*38CM/40*50CM/40*60CM/50*70CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:80.5*45.5*44CM/80.5*66*42CM/80.5*66*42CM/78*76.5*55CM
Gross weight:27.8KG/32.2KG/35.5KG/47.1KG

  • Features & Specification

    Product features and our advantages of the tee shirt printing machine

    Heating plate than the average small factory production of the same paragraph heat machine thick, hot plate quite strong, can withstand greater pressure, but also more durable, automatic temperature heating effect is more stable.

    tee shirt printing machine application:

    Gift box, mobile phone shell, key ring, puzzle and other personalized small objects of a variety of patterns DIY, different, personalized fashion.

    Product Specifications of the tee shirt printing machine



    The machine is powered after no operation

       Reason: 1, connector loose; 2, the fuse is broken

       Solution: 1, to ensure that the machine is a normal state of power; 2, replace the fuse


    If it is cold-ripping transfer paper , please use blackboard wiper to rub against the whole transfer paper , wait for 5-10secs ,then rip off the transfer paper . If it is the hot-ripping transfer paper, you can rip off immediately after printing.


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