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Heat plate of heat transfer machine
Jan 05, 2018

Heating plate / heating pad

This part is at the heart of a thermal transfer unit and is as important and as valuable as a printer. CRT on the monitor. The value of the whole machine worth 1/4 or even half.

The most critical requirement is the heating plate / heating pad as a whole to heat evenly. In the heating plate / heating pad, the heating is to rely on one of the heating wire.

For baking cup machine, baking machine, because it is directly on the silica gel laying electric wire, S-shaped electric wire, the spacing can be done very small, so even if you rely on their own fever can be done.

For baking cap machines and flat-panel machines, due to their large area and high surface flatness, metal plates are required to meet the requirements. The metal is electrically conductive, so the heating wire must run inside the insulated conduit. This would have to rely on the simultaneous thermal conductivity of the metal plate to achieve the overall temperature equilibrium. For ultra-large format flat-panel machine, such as 80cm * 120cm flat, are generally used to heat the oil heating device, relying on the flow of high-temperature oil to achieve the heating plate as a whole average fever.

The second is power. If the power is small, the edges of the heating pad / pad will emit more heat due to radiation, conduction and convection. However, the heat generated by the low-power heating wire will not be able to replenish the heat and cause the temperature near the edge to be insufficient. Thus transfer defective or even scrap.

Heating plate if the manufacturing process, the use of materials is poor, or the power is too small, will result directly lead to uneven transfer color, or intermediate transfer temperature too long and fuzzy.


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