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Heat transfer machine operating instructions
Jan 03, 2018

1, plug the power, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light immediately.

2, the thermostat adjusted to the desired temperature, until the temperature reaches the set temperature, the upper part of the thermostat exterminate, this time to start working.

3, the time controller adjusted to the required time.

4, the clothes on the next under the hot plate, then put the heat transfer paper (note the heat transfer paper positive and negative), the handle pressed down hard until the end. Note: Do not force more than 30 kg, otherwise it may lead to deformation of the handle.

5, when the time when the controller indicates the time stamping, buzzer ring, the handle is about to lift up to the original position.


1, pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, you can adjust the pressure regulator knob, clockwise to increase the pressure; the other hand, reduce the pressure;

2, time: when the time of arrival of the stamping buzzer does not ring or keep ringing, if not, you must adjust to the appropriate location;

3, Temperature: When the adjusted temperature reaches, the thermostat pointer refers to the "180 ℃" position (about 5 minutes to reach), such as the boot thermometer goes up and the heating plate does not heat, please check the circuit.

4, when the handle is pressed down to the end, the hand release and the handle automatically go back, please adjust the knob down.

5, when the stamping is completed, the handle up and feel tired, adjust the knob can be adjusted downward.


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