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heat transfer theory and application
Dec 21, 2017

Heat transfer technology is widely used in the printing industry, clothing and flowers are also used metal photos heat transfer, heat transfer technology easy to learn difficult to understand, misunderstanding.

Heat transfer theory is actually very simple: the image output on the transfer paper, and then the appropriate temperature and pressure transfer in different materials, it is simple, but it is not true! Many high heat transfer shop failure rate, has been unable to find The reason is that the damaged ones are kept for use, but the long-term operation may open the "T-shirt printing fault exhibition."

Heat transfer to local printing is very simple, but a large area is very uniform and does not fall off depends on the technology, heat transfer transfer interface is very important, that is, heat transfer paper processing technology, the temperature is too low can not be attached, the temperature too High patterns halo flowers or scorched. And some Tang Hua Dian bought more than 1,000 yuan of heat transfer machine has been printed uneven or unstable quality, in fact, heat transfer heating system is not the same, the temperature is uniform? Is the pressure right? The relationship between heat transfer quality, good heat transfer function to solve the problem of pressure and material thickness at a time.

From the above we can see a penny stock, "workers want their good thing. Will first sharpen its", of course, the most important is the use of Indian calendar, T-shirt, hanging scroll, hanging bag, medal, , Tiles, glass, wood grain version of wood ... ..., is that everything is printed, everything is earned, where to print, where used to earn that!


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