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High-pressure heat transfer machine instructions
Jan 09, 2018

1, connected to the 220V plug, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light; (Note that the machine must have a solid protective ground) (such as the European standard plug is a round hole only 2 holes on the line)

2, the thermostat is adjusted to the required temperature (usually 180-200 ° C);

3, the timer adjusted to the required time (usually 40-45 seconds or so);

4, the clothing flat on the silicone board, and then superimposed on the heat transfer paper (heat transfer paper with a pattern to face the clothes to be transferred part), the handle pressed down until fully closed; (Note that the pressure can not exceed 30Kg, otherwise it may cause the handle deformation)

5, when the time indicating the stamping time, buzzer ring, the handle back to the original position;

6, if it is cold torn heat transfer paper, please wipe the blackboard eraser paper will be balanced evenly wipe it, and so on for 5-10 seconds, tear the heat transfer paper;

7, if it is hot tearing heat transfer paper, heat transfer paper need to be immediately torn off. Successful hot stamping requires the right time, temperature and pressure to match each other, the thickness of the clothing and the type of materials and heat transfer paper have affected the effect of hot stamping. All kinds of heat transfer paper need to try hot sample confirmed, before mass production.


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