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Hot press hydraulic system maintenance knowledge
Nov 10, 2017

Hydraulic system is the key equipment of the equipment, its application effect among all equipment, we should do it maintenance when in use, it can have a better application effect, below we try to understand the relevant information.

The hydraulic pump hydraulic system is the key, if there is leakage at the mounting surface, joint, flange of the hydraulic valve, replace the seals; in the hydraulic system debugging has been adjusted, the work shall not be allowed to adjust, so as not to damage the system, if the need for maintenance in production, must be professional re commissioning. But the hot press after one year of work, deal with the horizontal and vertical frame check, check on the ground at the same time, pay attention to whether the sinking phenomenon, this is particularly important for high underground water or soft soil area.

The use of hydraulic oil of Linyi hot press must be clean, depending on the actual situation of regular replacement or filter oil, the long time should be six months or replacement of a filter, and the timing of sewage cleaning or replacement of oil filter, general system normal working temperature between 25 DEG to 55 DEG C.

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