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Hot press in the furniture industry
Nov 10, 2017

With the decrease of wood especially precious wood resources, more and more furniture using wood or thin paste stickers affixed isobaric process, as the hot press with important equipment in the furniture manufacturing process is often used to cover and press molding parts, its production capacity and technical performance restricts the production scale and product quality. In order to better understand and choose the hot press, this paper introduces the press which is often used in the furniture industry as an example.

Veneer furniture industry using hot press, format basically adapted to the panel size (1220 * 2440mm), the surface pressure is 02~0.4MPa, the total pressure in 120t. Hot pressing machine in addition to the main technical parameters of hot plate size, total pressure, and pressure plate layers, and open and closed time, heating temperature and productivity and other technical parameters were determined according to different technical requirements. The working process of hot press overlaying can be divided into five processes: closing, boosting, holding pressure, relieving pressure and decreasing. Press the host from the functions can be divided into three parts: heating system (heat), hydraulic system (provide pressure and press control action) and the press (frame, control).

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