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Hot press inspection inspection matters
Nov 10, 2017

The use of hot press machine according to the standard operation, to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. Inspection is the focus of safety regulations, as follows:

1, every 4 hours check each motor, reducer, bearing heating, lubrication, transmission situation, stroke switch, pneumatic components work is normal.

2, each car shall observe the accumulator charging pressure is normal.

3, pay attention to press up between the plate and the beams and frame is blocked, if there should be timely troubleshooting, always pay attention to bar work is normal, whether there is loose, each class should wear plate beam under the friction surface of a lubricating oil.

4, slab, pallet, wool plate can not stay in the press for too long, so as not to cause fire, in case of power failure, should also manually push the press down valve, press down, push out the wool board.

5, each slab into the loading machine to observe whether there is damage to the tray possible, an abnormal attention to shoot emergency stop button.

6, pay attention to push the slab into the installed car work is normal.

7. Observe whether the pusher press is clamped or not. Whether all the boards are pushed out of the press, if all the presses are not pushed out, they should be pulled out manually to observe whether the rising and falling of the baffle plate is in place.

8, check whether the abnormal noise of the hot oil pump, whether there is leakage.

9. Observe the working condition of the front and back baffle of the press.

10. Observe the leakage of the oil pipe of the press and loader.

11. Pay attention to cleaning the surface of the heat conducting tubing and the dust hanging on the frame of the press. Not just within the scope of hot press.

12, pay attention to observe whether there is obvious iron foreign matter into the press, so as not to damage the pressure plate.

13, they have not always observe the loose phenomenon, if there should be timely treatment.

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