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Hot press on the thermal oil requirements
Nov 10, 2017

The use of heat medium when using hot press equipment manufacturers of hot plate and other products, many people choose to use thermal oil, its use is currently very popular, but when in use is quite required.

First of all, heat transfer oil should not be mixed with water and low boiling point volatile matter, and different varieties of heat conducting oil are not allowed to be mixed. It must be used in the following provisions of the rated temperature, and ban it in high temperature and air for a long time of contact in the system, so it will speed up the oxidation, so as to shorten the service life. It is important to note that the thermal conductivity of the heat conducting oil used in the hot press is large, and its flash point and autoignition point are high.

Hot press manufacturers said heat-conducting oil heating medium is ideal, you can rest assured that the use of friends, in the use of time to remember the note mentioned above can be.

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