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Hot press the scope of use
Nov 10, 2017

For hot press equipment manufacturers understand the most is its use in the plate factory, then hot press is not only used for plate making industry? Actually, it's not. It has other uses. Let's get to the point!

For multilayer hot press used in the production of multilayer board and its name, which is the platform can move up and down, and the area is generally the product is the same, the platform is a hydraulic jack to drive down at the same time, the pressure to produce fixed sheet and then appeared. In fact, a lot of plastic can also be used to process, we under the impact of negative pressure and positive pressure, you can use glue to paste the plate. Because of the large area, so there is generally no deformation problems.

Hot press manufacturers said, in fact, many hot presses with flexible operation mode, can be used alone, can also be used in two cycles, so for us is quite convenient

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