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How is the future trend of thermal transfer?
Jul 02, 2018

How is the future trend of thermal transfer?


High Quality Heat PressMachine.jpgThe function of the heat transfer machine is powerful, and the baked cup is naturally worth mentioning. It can also be printed on various materials such as plastics, glass, metal, and cloth. As a result, designs for items such as pillows, mobile phone cases, T-shirts, pots and pans, furniture doors and windows, keyboards and mice, and car dashboards can all be produced and DIY. And the operation is very simple, only need a computer, a thermal printer, a printer can print on any solid surface, the printed picture is clear and bright, but also mass production. Until now, roasted mugs still have a certain size of market, extending from physical stores to the Internet. In fact, the baking cup machine can do very limited things, the service provided to the customer is too single, the savvy business will choose to purchase the heat transfer machine.

Thermal transfer technology is already very popular. Because it is a machine that serves "customized" products, the market it faces will have certain limitations. In the past, only a few shops in the city had thermal transfer machines. With the rise of custom fashion, almost any supermarket mall can be seen. Sales of thermal transfer machines have risen once. However, the increase in popularity also means that the market is becoming increasingly saturated, and local purchasing power is declining. More young people still prefer the network as a more plentiful and effective marketing channel.


The thermal transfer process technology has its unique development trend. From the traditional process to the emerging digital technology, the fields involved are more and more extensive. Due to the different market positioning, in the very long time in the future, traditional thermal transfer printing technology is still one of the most widely used printing technologies.

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