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How to choose the right heat press machine according to your needs?
Jul 10, 2018

How to choose the right heat press machine according to your needs?


Auto Mangetic Heat Transfer Machine.jpgThe heat transfer machine for printing clothes is a flat heat press machine. The flat heat press machine actually refers to the heat-emitting board - the heat transfer machine whose work surface is flat, collectively referred to as a flat heat press machine. It refers to a machine that is manually pressed. It works in the same way as the high-pressure heat press machine. When it is working, it needs to be manually pressed. Because of its structure, the pressure is the smallest among all kinds of heat press machines.

High-pressure heat press machine, because of the different design of the handle structure, the same manual operation, press down, can produce greater pressure than the ordinary flat heat press machine. The above two categories are often used in factories because of their low price and convenient work efficiency. The shaking head heat press machine is a type of manual heat press machine that produces the most pressure. Secondly, its design is stylish and beautiful. Commonly used in personal shop, homemade heat transfer DIY use.

If it is a normal heat transfer, it is enough to use a flat heat press machine and a high pressure heat press machine. If you want to heat the sublimate heat transfer, you need to choose a shaking head, or a pneumatic machine. Because the temperature, pressure and time required for the sublimation heat transfer process are much higher than other heat transfer processes.

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