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weak image on the transfer t shirt
Dec 25, 2017

What is the reason for the weak image color on the T-shirt with the transfer of heat transfer ink?

The color of the image transferred to the T-shirt is very light, for the following reasons:

(1) the quality of the transfer of ink can be changed by using a different type of ink;

(2) the problem of inkjet printing paper, some inkjet printing paper can not completely transfer the image, can choose to have special coating inkjet printing paper;

(3) the relationship between the temperature and time of the transfer is the problem of operational skills.

If the time is too short, the temperature is not enough, the ink transfer is insufficient, also is the main reason that causes the color;

(4) T-shirt fabric choice, if on the cotton fabric transfer printing color is relatively weak, this is decided by the fabric on the degree of adsorption ink, if transfer on chemical fiber fabrics, the color is very bright.


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