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What are the classifications of thermal transfer printing technology?
Oct 29, 2018

What are the classifications of thermal transfer printing technology?


Printing Machine.jpgThermal transfer printing is an indirect transfer of special printing. It uses a special transfer printing paper or transfer printing film to print the pattern first, and then transfer it to the substrate. It is mostly used for ceramic decal printing, textile printing, and commodity label printing. Wait. Thermal transfer technology can be divided into sublimation transfer and hot press transfer. Sublimation transfer is also called vapor phase thermal transfer. It is a dye type with sublimation conditions. Image, image, text, etc., which need to be printed, are mirror-inverted by lithography, screen printing, gravure printing, etc. The way it is printed on paper. Then, the printed paper is placed on the substrate, and the ink on the sublimation transfer paper is directly converted from a solid state to a gaseous state by heat and pressure, thereby transferring the image onto the substrate.

The hot press printing uses a screen printing method to print the graphic on the thermal transfer paper or plastic, and then transfers the graphic to the substrate by heat and pressure. However, with the popularity of laser printers and inkjet printers, many small workshops use laser printers to print computer-generated graphics directly onto transfer paper, or use inkjet printers to print graphics on plain paper. Then, the photocopying machine is used to copy onto the transfer paper, and finally, the image on the transfer paper is transferred to the substrate by heat and pressure. This is the digital thermal transfer technology that is now widely mentioned. Thermal transfer printing mainly includes hot press transfer printing, sublimation thermal transfer printing, deinking thermal transfer printing, flocking thermal transfer printing, and thermal transfer printing.

The hot-press transfer printing technology first prints on the thermal transfer printing paper or plastic film by means of screen printing, gravure printing, etc., and then transfers the image to fabric, leather and the like by heating and pressing.

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