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What is Pneumatic Heat Press Machine
May 18, 2018

  What is Pneumatic Heat Press Machine?

Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

Hot press machine is short for short, full name is the hydraulic Heat heating press machine, it is the equipment that processing the adhesive object.As the wooden splint or wood glue, hydraulic system pressure between the 2 pieces or more boards glue tight joint, then through high temperature heat source heat transfer between layer and layer, glue solidified products forming soon.The heat source is more commonly used in heating, circulating oil and high frequency heating.

The type of Heat press machine is common: rotating disk type hot pressing machine, press plate hot pressing machine, pulse hot press.

Working principle of heat transfer machine  :

On the basis of the negative pressure and positive pressure, with special glue, for the processing of PVC series, the lines in place and paste force is negative pressure equipment cannot be compared, because of its high pressure, low temperature, film pressure time is short, to solve the negative pressure device, particularly large workpiece when machining deformation problem, make the degree of distortion of work piece is reduced greatly. Power press heat press machine with the advanced electronic new product control, the machining process can be completed automatically by adjusting the machining process of the platform, rising stage, heating, vacuum, membrane pressure, stripping and landing stage.T shirt printing machine mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so to have enough pressure and volume, overall frame with steel plate processing, the overall structure is reasonable, two workbench can be recycled, also can be used alone.The vacuum can be adjusted to first low pressure, and then the pressure can reach 0.4mpa, and the product can achieve the desired effect through adjustmen.

1. The heating rate can be adjusted according to different products.

2. Welding head of special materials to ensure the average pressure of products.

3. Equipped with vacuum function, it is easier to adjust the counterpoint.

4. Temperature control, clear and precise.

5. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, can preset pressure range.


Features editor of hot press.

1. According to different products, the heating rate can be selected [6].

2. Titanium alloy pressure head ensures average temperature, fast heating and long service life.

3. The pressure head is specially designed with horizontal adjustable to ensure the compression average of components.

4. Temperature control, clear and precise.

5. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, can preset pressure range.

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