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What is the current status of thermal transfer?
Aug 27, 2018

What is the current status of thermal transfer?


Heat Press Machine.jpgThermal transfer is a type of thermal printing. The introduction time from abroad is not too long, but it has developed rapidly in China in recent years. At the beginning, some foreign investors who invested in mainland China brought it to China, and the raw materials used were mainly imported, which should be mainly used in certain specific fields. After foreign companies introduced soft packaging technology into China, there was a large demand for this technology in China, and the market gradually increased. Today, it has attracted the attention of the printing industry.

The range of applications of thermal transfer technology continues to increase, and has been applied to many industries, such as thermal transfer technology in the plastics processing industry. The plastic thermal transfer process has a simple, fast and non-infective experience. The obtained printed products are rich in layers, bright in color, high in precision, good in picture quality, strong in transfer and graphic, and the transfer layer is combined with the substrate to form a solid surface. Smooth, good wear resistance and many other advantages. The rise of the plastic thermal transfer process is due to the high hot stamping temperature requirements for ordinary hot stamping on the surface of plastic products. With the maturity of plastic thermal transfer technology, the process has now been extended to the processing and production of architectural decoration, furniture imitation wood grain board and stationery gifts.

It can be said that with the further maturity of the process and the continued integration of new technologies, thermal transfer, as a kind of special printing, will have a very broad prospect in some special printing fields and will receive more attention.

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