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What is the effect of thermal transfer powder coating?
Aug 20, 2018

What is the effect of thermal transfer powder coating?


Heat Press Tshirt Printing.jpgThermal transfer, also called thermal sublimation, is a process of transferring a pattern on a transfer paper to a substrate by using a thermal transfer device to heat it to a set temperature in a short time. The thermal transfer powder coating can provide a colorful and layered transfer pattern. After the sublimation of the wood grain paper, the ink can penetrate into the cured coating 30-50 μm, and the transferred coating is durable and does not fall off. , cracking and fading. At the same time, the thermal transfer powder coating does not change the original coating performance of the coating. In recent years, it has been widely used in aluminum profiles, providing rich decorative effects for architectural aluminum profiles and furniture decoration.

The transfer effect of the thermal transfer powder coating mainly depends on the reactivity of the resin. The cross-linking density of the coating is large, the hardness is high, the transfer pattern is clear, the paper is easily torn, and it is not easy to leave after the transfer. In summary, when designing the wood grain powder coating formulation, the polyester resin with high reactivity and high degree of curing should be selected, or it can be compounded by high and low acid value, and the coating has high crosslinking density after curing. It has better leveling performance and transfer effect. At the same time, when designing the formula, attention should be paid to the addition amount of various additives to ensure the optimization of the formulation to achieve a good transfer effect.

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