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What is the heat press machine?
Jul 06, 2018

What is the heat press machine?


Automatic Heat Transfer Machine.jpgThe early heat transfer was not so much a hot print as a hot word, but mainly some popular slogans and characters, and later gradually developed into vivid patterns. With the development of the economy, the progress of society, the new and new human beings are increasingly advertised with individuality, coupled with the development of computer technology and the development of related software, these are undoubtedly powerful for the free heat transfer industry. Heat-painting clothing has been popular in Europe and the United States, becoming a popular casual wear. Because of its simple printing process and easy operation, the required materials are economical and easy to obtain, and can be widely printed on various substrates, which can be used in industry and is convenient for civilian use.

The heat transfer technology is widely used in the printing industry. The hot stamping and metal photographs of the garments also use heat transfer. The theory of heat transfer is actually very simple: the image is output on the transfer paper, and then transferred to different materials with appropriate temperature and pressure. The transfer interface of the heat transfer is very important, that is, the processing technology of the heat transfer paper, the temperature is too low to adhere, and the temperature is too high, the pattern will be halo or burnt. A good heat transfer machine can solve the problem of different pressure and material thickness at one time.

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