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What is the method of selecting a thermal transfer tablet?
Jul 12, 2018

What is the method of selecting a thermal transfer tablet?


Heat Press Tshirt Printing.jpgThe core component of the thermal transfer tablet is a heat-generating plate, so care should be taken when selecting a heat transfer machine. The upper and lower plates should be made of aluminum, and the heating tube is cast inside the aluminum plate. The above plate is an aluminum plate slotted, and then is attached to the upper surface by a heat pipe, which causes unnecessary energy loss, and has disadvantages such as slow heating and large temperature difference. If the lower plate is made of iron plate or other materials, it will work easily under high temperature and high pressure for a long time.

According to the different area of the heating plate, the upper and lower plates have weight standards. If it is too light and too thin, the heating plate will be easily deformed and affect the use. Generally speaking, the greater the weight, the more reliable the performance. After the plate of the thermal transfer tablet is pressed, it should be absolutely parallel with the lower plate. If the upper and lower plates are tightly pressed, a piece of hard paper or other sheet-like tough material can be placed on the four corners, and then the handle is pressed down. After the upper and lower plates are snapped, the cardboard is pulled outward. , you can know whether the upper and lower plates are flat and the machine is qualified.

The thermal transfer heat transfer technology is widely used in the printing industry. At present, the hot stamping and metal photographs of the garments are also applied by heat transfer. The heat transfer technology is easy to learn and difficult to learn, and misunderstandings are caused by not understanding. The theory of thermal transfer heat transfer is actually very simple: the image is output on the transfer paper, and then transferred to different materials with appropriate temperature and pressure. It is simple but it is not!


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