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what is thermal transfer
Jan 11, 2018

Thermal transfer refers to the intermediate carrier film on the graphic using the corresponding pressure transferred to the substrate on a printing method, and depending on the pressure used, the transfer can be divided into water transfer, thermal transfer, air transfer , Screen transfer, low temperature transfer and so on. Among them, the thermal transfer is the portrait, landscape and other images using thermal transfer ink (ie, sublimation ink) printed on the color inkjet paper (or sublimation inkjet paper), or ordinary ink printed on the film heat Transfer paper, and then through the thermal transfer heating equipment heated to a certain temperature within a few minutes, the vivid color of the paper on the pattern transferred to porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabrics and other materials on a special printing Process. Thus, using thermal transfer technology, even in multi-color patterns, customers can shorten the work of printing patterns and reduce the loss of material (finished product) due to typographical errors because thermal transfer is just a process. In other words, the use of thermal transfer film printing multicolor pattern can be a map at a time, without chromatography, even with some simple devices can also print realistic patterns, so as to greatly enhance its scope and transfer Operated.


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