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What issues should pay attention to when designing thermal transfer products?
Sep 04, 2018

What issues should pay attention to when designing thermal transfer products?


Shirt Making Machine.jpgThermal transfer products are designed to avoid multi-color overprinting. Most of the printing materials used for gravure printing have large thermal expansion, and the thermal deformation during high-speed printing makes the printing overprinting more difficult. Therefore, when designing the pattern, try not to affect the design effect. Avoid multicolor overprinting. In addition, it is necessary to make the pattern simple and generous, avoid large-area color filling, and whether it is necessary to connect with the transparent or the same color between the finished product patterns is also a place to be paid attention to in the design of the thermal transfer product.

When designing the product, the packaging materials used must conform to the market positioning of the product. In the thermal transfer printing process, the ink always plays an important role. After the thermal transfer is completed, the ink remains on the product, which not only determines the product. The quality, but also affects the speed of printing. There are many kinds of thermal transfer inks on the market, and the classification is very complicated, but it has been buckled with high pollution for a long time. In recent years, the voice of environmental protection in the society has become higher and higher, and the printing enterprises have paid more and more attention to the health of workers. New inks with no pollution and less pollution have been developed and applied more and more. Today, the wave is getting higher and higher. Qingyi heat transfer has always adopted the ink that can pass the environmental protection test, which has won unanimous favorable comments from customers.

In summary, in order to achieve a successful leap from work to product, prepress designers must thoroughly study the relevant knowledge of the printing process, select and set the parameters on the process issues discussed above, and skillfully apply to specific In order to successfully realize the requirements of industrial production of printing batches, we can continuously guide and reduce production costs and create more value for customers.

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