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What should pay attention to when transferring thermal transfer?
Nov 01, 2018

What should pay attention to when transferring thermal transfer?


Heat Transfer T Shirt Printing Machine.jpgChoosing better equipment, we must not pursue the so-called low price, but for the quality of its thermal transfer technology, this is also the result of product equipment prices and technical decisions. From this, we know that we choose the quality of trust and professionalism, and adopt advanced production technology to make the operation equipment more worry-free for the stability, standardization and safety of work.

Pay attention to detailed operation and influence, for example, for insufficient pressure or excessive pressure, adjust for suitable pressure, adjust the direction of the hour hand, and then pressurize and reverse the pressure; adjust the time, adjust the temperature, etc., according to the requirements of the conditions. The adjustment, and in the best state results, is conducive to improve the quality of its thermal transfer flower, the realistic effect of its pattern is also based on the correct use of equipment, after all, the thermal transfer quality requirements are not the same, its work operation determines the result Of course, the importance of the adjustment program is appropriate.

For professional use, we also purchase professional and trusted brands, and provide technical support to truly improve the quality of thermal transfer technology while improving the efficiency of thermal transfer.

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