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Hot Press Coffee Mug Printer

Hot Press Coffee Mug Printer

Printing area:11.5*23.5CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:38*22*33CM/36**33*33CM/36**33*33CM/92.5*41.5CM*38.5CM
Gross weight:4.2KG/5.9KG/4.9KG/28KG

  • Features & Specification

    Hot press coffee mug printer

    Product Specifications


    The main components:

    1, heating pad: is the most core component of the baking cup machine, is the heating element that provides temperature

    2, control instrument: is the brain of the baking cup machine, precise control of temperature and time

    3. Pressure system: the product to be transferred is contacted with the heating pad by external pressure.

    Slow roasting: Place the desired hot stamping object, press down the pressure handle, turn on the power switch, the temperature starts to rise, when the temperature rises to the starting temperature, the buzzer sounds a short beep, press the execute button once, Until the buzzer sounds long, press the execute button once to end the hot stamping. After removing the object, the temperature will automatically return to the initial temperature and be in the quick-bake standby state.

    Speed roasting: At the initial temperature state, place the object, press the pressure handle, take out the object, the temperature will automatically return to the starting temperature, and then be in the quick-bake standby state.

    At a temperature lower than the initial temperature, the entire hot stamping process can be completed by pressing the execution key without waiting for the temperature to rise to the initial temperature, but no longer pauses and sings when the temperature rises past the initial temperature value.


    Note: The heating pad of the baking cup machine can't be burned, but try to avoid the cup whose baking cup height is much lower than the width of the baking cup. Also, don't just stuff a small part of the cup into the baking mat. If you want to bake a small part of the cup, you should start on the drawing.

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