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Mug Heat Transfer Machine

Mug Heat Transfer Machine

Printing area:11.5*23.5CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:38*22*33CM/36**33*33CM/36**33*33CM/92.5*41.5CM*38.5CM
Gross weight:4.2KG/5.9KG/4.9KG/28KG

  • Features & Specification

    Mug Heat Transfer Machine

    This machine is the new generation model, with full digital display, PID microcomputer control, high precision, automatic countdown, automatic insulation, high temperature alarm and other functions. This machine adopts high quality heating pad, the product quality is guaranteed. 

    Product Features

    1. The overall design of the back of the machine is simple and reasonable. The fuselage is cut and formed by high-strength steel plate, which reduces the weight and increases the strength!

    2. The front end of the baking coaster is upgraded from the old double horizontal connecting rod to the thicker single connecting rod, which reduces the tension screw and makes the machine more secure and safe when used! And the pressure regulating nut is changed from the old plastic nut to the steel nut. Although there is no large plastic nut to adjust the pressure by hand, it is labor-saving, but the plastic nut is prevented from cracking due to insufficient strength under large pressure:

    3. The chain interface between the temperature control box and the baking cup mat adopts the plug-in type aviation plug, which is safer and less prone to leakage, and is safe first!

    4. The power socket on the rear of the temperature control box adopts an embedded socket similar to that of a computer mainframe, and it is safe to use without leakage!

    5. The rubber base cushion is added to the four corners of the machine base, and the machine pressure handle is raised and pressed to work quietly.


    Product Specifications



    Payment terms: 100%T/T, 30%deposit and 70% before shipment.

    Please pay attention when used:

    The whole machine must have the pretecting ground wire to keep safe.

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