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Advantages Of Heat Transfer Machines
Jan 02, 2018

Simple steps

It does not require plate-making, copy-drying, repeat the steps of chromatography, without the need for screen printing and thermal transfer methods of various types of tools, materials. With universal printer, only need to prepare an ordinary computer. An operator can print operations completely independent, save manpower and resources, and the way is simple and so forth, the operator's experience is low, as long as you understand the simple image processing software on it.

Avoid damage

It can not only print on the tough texture of crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, and can be printed on the soft texture of leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; it can be printed on inorganic, can also be printed in complex composition , Changing organics. The material has more and better compatibility, the use of the spring of the number of spray nozzle printer to avoid the silkscreen printing, water transfer material selection of the problem, but also to avoid the heat transfer of leather, fabrics, cotton and other organic materials Destroy the problem. It meets the diversified needs of the market, to better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

Avoid offset

Universal printer no longer follow the traditional printing modes and methods, is no longer a simple manual and manual printing in the past, it and higher technology of computer synthesis and automatic control technology for a better organic combination, can be very precise alignment The area and location to be printed avoids the problem of misalignment encountered by manual printing. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, there will be no problem of registering colors. These advantages can also be very effective combination of engraving, etching, printing beautiful pictures in the engraved area, or accurate etching after printing, etc., and a good breakthrough can also be made in the engraving industry.