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Flat Hot Press Machine Features
Nov 10, 2017

1, machine structure: universal type flat hot press for double head structure, foot / pneumatic control. 

2, frequency stability: flat hot press by using the fourth generation of vacuum tubes, oscillation frequency using the international industrial band 27.12MHz, output frequency stability. 

3, high pressure head, cylinder plate hot press can be produced in Taiwan, and promote the toggle lever principle, can make the uniform pressure, loading and smooth, the pressure can be adjusted. For the production of different products to meet the needs of different welding depth, combined with double springs, foot Lite light pressure standards, so that products can maintain good results, especially for the difficulty of processing, large amount of products. 

4, radio interference shielding device: flat hot press with high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device, the high frequency and high frequency interference is reduced to the minimum. 

5, the power output of the power: the use of the fourth generation electron tube (from Toshiba) the toilet seat pad machine, coupled with low loss coaxial resonator, which can effectively reduce the loss of output, output power output without loss, the daily output can be improved. 

6, work safety protection device: when the current exceeds the limit load, overload current relay device will automatically cut off the high voltage protection, oscillation tubes and rectifiers, flat pressing machine with high sensitivity spark suppressor, the operation is not at that time, the warning light is bright warning. It can avoid the frequency drift caused by improper operation and minimize the damage to the material. Automatic overcurrent protection system: automatic overcurrent protection system, can increase the service life of vacuum tubes, protect the mold. 

7, heating device: stepless heating and temperature regulating device, according to the production needs of different products, adjust the mold temperature, so that the flat hot press work efficiency is higher. 

8, in the work, the clothing linear vibration friction embossing uses the friction heat energy produced by the contact surface between the two welding pieces to melt the plastic. Heat energy from a certain pressure, a workpiece in another surface with a certain displacement or amplitude of reciprocating movement. Once the desired embossing level is reached, the vibration stops and there is still a certain amount of pressure applied to the two workpieces to cool and solidify the part that has just been pressed, thus forming a tight bond.