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Flat Pressing Machine Main Purpose
Nov 10, 2017

Flat hot press: mainly suitable for pure PVC, EVA or PVC20% above any soft hard rubber and leather or cloth class for special purposes can be processed. Blister packaging vacuum packaging sealing, but also for a variety of environmentally friendly plastic (APET, PETG, GAG), PVC (PVC) based plastic welding, welding, bronzing and so on. Plastic packaging (including double blister sealing edge, blister and cardboard heat trimming), interiors, car lamps, sports equipment, communication equipment, trademarks, stationery, raincoats, inflatable toys, plastic cover cars, cool liquid cushion, cushion, footwear, bags, portable soft bag mobile phone, eraser, electric heating bag and seal welding with cutting edge processing, pressing various concave convex patterns, the alphabet. IV, equipment use: flat hot press: such as sealing plastic box vacuum packaging, toys, shoes and clothing embossing trademarks, bags, umbrellas, carpets, bags, water bottle, medical supplies, stationery, sports goods, photo albums, PVC folding box, glasses box, tents, motorcycle seat cushion, tools, electronics, electrical appliances the other.