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Flat Pressing Machine Principle
Nov 10, 2017

Flat hot press equipment mainly adopts a high-frequency high-voltage rectifier self-excited high-frequency electronic oscillator, instantly generate high frequency electromagnetic wave in the electric field, the material to be processed (such as TPU, PVC, EVA, such as plastic, plastic raw materials, or materials containing PVC15% component) on the internal molecular plastic materials produce polar heat, friction at the same time, with a certain amount of pressure to achieve the welding, heat. The principle can also be used in plastic sealing, plate hot press bronzing process. When embossing, the seat cushion machine is generally used to emboss two round thermoplastic parts. A workpiece is fixed on the bottom die, and the other workpiece rotates on the surface of the fixed workpiece. Because of the pressure on the two parts, heat generated by friction between the workpiece can make two parts of the contact surface melting and the formation of a fastening and sealed with hot pressing plate; heating control: opportunity through a heating plate temperature control to embossing plastic parts. In the embossing process, the heating plate is placed between the two plastic parts, and the plastic begins to melt when the workpiece clings to the heating plate. In a pre-set heating time has passed, the workpiece surface molten plastic will reach a certain degree, the heating plate is removed, and then two work pieces together, when it reaches a certain depth of time embossing and embossing, the embossing process is complete.