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Heat Press Machine Operation Precautions
Jan 10, 2018

A brief introduction to the heat press in the operation of the process need to pay attention to matters: 1. Cleaning to keep the nip clean and dust-free, every six months need to clean electronic components 2. Heater In order to avoid sticking ink and residue in the heating plate On the hot stamping before the need to use a cloth pad in the heat transfer above 3. Silicone pad When the silicone pad begins to break down, please replace it regularly To wipe the silicone pad with a damp cloth Silicone can be made into a variety of different shapes and sizes 4. Lubricants Each year the heat transfer machine base screw shaft adjustment need lubrication with high temperature lubricant 5.Please plug the use of heat press paired panels. Other patch panels, although available, but the corresponding voltage is different, so you can not use the plug-in board. Standardize the operation of heat transfer machine, can extend the service life of machinery and equipment, so the above instructions to the operator to grasp the best.