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How To Maintain The Heat Transfer Machine?
Jun 21, 2018

How to maintain the heat transfer machine?


Heat Press Printing Machine.jpgThe temperature of the thermal transfer machine is maintained to a certain extent. The principle is that when the temperature rises to the allowable upper limit, the power supply of the heating plate is turned off and the heating is stopped. When the temperature is lower than the allowable lower limit, the power of the heating plate is turned on to make it Power on heating, repeated control to make the temperature float above and below the set value. This disconnection and connection is accomplished by means of a relay. The drawing shows the relays commonly used in thermal transfer equipment. Low-power relays are generally used for small-power equipment such as baking cup machines and pans.

The scale indicates that the capacitor is charged and discharged. The charge and discharge of the capacitor is a differential and integral conversion curve. The function curve is not a straight line, so the indication of the dial is not even, but even if the dial imitates the capacitance The differential and integral curves do, because of the difference in components, often the scale indicates a large error. For a person who is familiar with thermal transfer, several trials are made and several products are scrapped. After that, there will be no problem with the transfer. But when the time for a novice or transfer product is often different.

The heat plate is the core of the thermal transfer equipment and its importance and value are similar to those of the printer. The display tube is on the display. Value accounted for about 1/4 or even half of the total machine value. The most critical requirement is that the entire heating plate should heat evenly. In the heating plate/heating pad, heating is dependent on the heating wire therein. For the baking cup machine and the baking machine, since it is directly laid on the silica gel heating wire, S-shaped heating wire, the spacing can be done very small, so the heat evenly depends on itself.