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Information On Heat Press Machine
Dec 28, 2017

As long as a computer, a printer with a thermal transfer ink and a heat press machine equipment can be arbitrary in any solid objects, any surface printing images, the pattern is clear, bright color, the effect of realistic, super-adhesion Strong and so on. Can accept a variety of personalized customization, production site, widely used, do everything!

1, personalized supplies: large and small, all aspects of fashion personality big makeovers!

Can be printed on the cup, blank T-shirt, cell phone case, mirror, key ring, pen, pen holder, desk calendar frame, picture frame, racket, cosmetic boxes and other personalized designs.

2, stylish room supplies: gently printed, turned fashion house!

Can be in the sofa, coffee table, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, lithographs, glass paintings, pots and pans, and other printed personalized patterns.

3, business, home and other indoor building materials: highlights the extraordinary choice of fashion!

Can be in the doors, windows, floors, handles, wall panels, business card boxes and other printed personalized patterns.

4, all kinds of electronic products: individuality claims, everywhere!

Can be in the phone, VCR, DVD, TV, air conditioners, speakers, remote control, mouse, clocks and other printed personalized patterns.

5, automotive supplies: different, that is fashion!

Can be in the dashboard, tissue boxes, cup holders, tape planes, after the mirror frame, handle, car locks and other personalized printing patterns.