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Printing Mode Of Heat Press Machine
Dec 08, 2017

Two thermal transfer printing mode there are two kinds of thermal transfer printing mode, is a kind of sublimate (model gallery second-hand) transfer way, is a kind of thermosetting transfer printing, sublimation method refers to heat sublimation disperse dye production of printing ink by screen or paper gravure printing printing, the printing paper pattern transfer to the media, thermosetting transfer mode refers to the use thermosetting ink (also called hot melt glue) with silk screen printing printing paper, printing transfer printing paper design to t-shirts and apparel products, two kinds of printing way have obvious differences in application, sublimation transfer printing method is mainly used in chemical fiber fabrics and coated with thermal transfer coating on the hard material of thermosetting transfer mode is mainly used on the pure cotton products.

The difference between the two types of prints is that the thermal sublimation (used in the model of the model gallery) will not change the original texture, feel and feel good.

After the reprint of hot solid pattern, a layer of glue is formed on the surface of the attached surface, which is weak and not breathable.

The two kinds of printing methods have advantages and disadvantages in production and production.