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T-shirts And Cotton Fabric Hot Stamping Maintenance
Dec 26, 2017

T-shirts and cotton fabrics after the maintenance methods

① Just transfer the T-shirt will have a little hard feeling, you will become softer after washing.

② new processing of T-shirts to be washed after 2 hours. Turn the clothes to the opposite wash.

③ Do not rub the surface of T-shirt design by hand (the surface material of the pattern will not attach dirt).

④ Do not wash with detergent containing bleach.

⑤ with 40 ° C below the warm water or cold water wash.

⑥ try not to use washing machine wash.

⑦ After washing, do not use the dryer to dry.

⑧ to dry naturally, do not twist the clothes, do not put the T-shirt in the sun exposure.

⑨ If the clothes need ironing, dry steam ironing can be used in the temperature (including elastic fibers can not be high-temperature ironing, so as not to damage the elastic fiber structure, affect the flexibility of clothing), do not direct ironing on the pattern.

⑩ ironing, do not stuffed into a small space for clothing, available hanger hanging or flat, in order to maintain a smooth clothing shape.