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The Heating Plate Of The Heat Press Machine
Dec 19, 2017

The core component of a perm is a heating plate, so pay more attention when choosing a painting machine.

The upper and lower plate should be of aluminum, and the heat pipe shall be cast in the aluminum plate.

If the upper plate is the aluminum plate grooved, then use the heating tube to stick to above, can cause unnecessary energy loss, use rise to have temperature rise slowly, constant temperature difference is big etc.

The lower plate is such iron plate or other material, working in high temperature and high pressure in the long term, will be easy to deform aging.

According to the heating panel area, the upper and lower plates have a weight standard. If it is too light, too thin, the heating plate will be easily deformed and will affect the use.

Generally speaking, the greater the weight, the more reliable the performance.

The stamping board is completely parallel to the lower plate after pressing.

Such as the lower is occlusive close to test, can be in the four corners, respectively put a slice of cardboard or other ductile material objects, and then to handle down, for the lower bite card died, will the cardboard these outwards, can know whether on the lower level off, the machine is qualified.