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Thermal Transfer Paper Thermal Transfer Ink
Dec 22, 2017

1, what is transfer paper? How many?

Transfer paper is the pattern to be hot stamping inkjet printer output, and then printed on clothes.

Mainly divided into light-colored transfer paper and dark transfer paper.

Light-colored transfer paper suitable for printing light-colored clothes such as white; dark transfer paper suitable for printing black and dark clothes.

2, what is heat transfer paper

Tang Hua is the paper has been printed on the pattern, to be printed on the direct transfer on it, there are a variety of printed designs to choose from.

3, with the transfer printing paper to use what ink? Do you want to use thermal transfer ink?

Printing on a transfer paper can be ordinary ink, waterproof ink is better; if using thermal transfer ink printing, as long as playing on the inkjet printing paper, but to use special clothes.