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Transfer Ink And Transfer Paper
Jan 08, 2018

Sublimation transfer ink

Sublimation transfer ink mainly by heat rise


Dye for dye sublimation transfer printing can be selected according to the following conditions:

Dye molecular weight generally not more than 350;

Dye gas and fiber molecules have intermolecular forces, and to the fiber diffusion;

Dye sublimation temperature below 200 ℃ is more appropriate;

The color fastness of the dye transferred to the fiber meets the wearing requirements.

Bright color on the fiber is good;

Dye and base paper no affinity.

Common transfer printing dye anthraquinone dyes, azo dyes, cationic dyes.

Linking material

Commonly used resins are low-viscosity ethyl cellulose, ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (EHEC), long-oil modified alkyd resins, etc. Common solvents are turpentine, terpineol, high boiling alkanols, aralkanes, Agents, etc. There are still a small amount of additives. The main requirements for the binder is with the dye affinity, easy release of dye gas, and have the appropriate printability, conservation and heat transfer adaptability and so on.

2 thermal transfer paper

Foreign spent paper base paper, a Dutch product, the Department of softwood pulp manufacturing, chemical packaging accounted for 50% of machinery accounted for 50%, this paper at high temperatures not yellow, not brittle.

Also useful sulfite softwood chemical pulp, paper and filler have good high temperature performance, filler formula is as follows (for reference only).

Melamine 0.8%

Rosin 2.5%

Bauxite 10%

Talc 20%

In addition, paper flowers in the original paper coating, such as silicone, polyethylene acid and other substances, can increase the transfer effect.