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What Is The Transfer?
Jun 26, 2018

What is the transfer?


Transfer printing technology is a printing technique that transfers graphics and text on the intermediate carrier to the substrate with corresponding pressure. Can be divided into: water transfer, air transfer, screen transfer and thermal transfer.


Tee Shirt Heat Press Machine.jpgTransfer refers to a printing method that transfers the graphics on the intermediate carrier film to the receiving object using the corresponding pressure! It is impossible to print the pattern on ordinary glass, and you need to use the intermediate carrier! After the coating absorbs the ink, it presents an image, which is strongly adhered to the surface of the media after transfer and forms a personalized product! Thermal transfer coating is a colorless, transparent and transparent polymer material without impurities, mainly acrylic resin, plus some other resin composite! With high hardness and strong adhesion characteristics, suitable for ceramics, stone, metal and other high temperature resistant material surface, thermal transfer effect is clear, colorful, strong performance, good degree of reduction, and truly convey the original map effect.

Digital thermal transfer products are not a single product market, it is a multi-form, multi-variety, an integrated market across a variety of industries! Digital Thermal Transfer Color Printing Ink The use of thermal transfer paper can accommodate a wide range of consumables, such as various chemical fiber fabrics, various hard materials that have been treated by coating, such as metal, wood, stone, ceramics, glass, PVC, Leather PU, etc., combined with thermal transfer technology to produce personalized products without plate making method, has brought new space for the development of personalized market. These materials can be used in clothing, printing and dyeing, decoration, crafts, light industry, gifts, advertising, fine arts, photography, tourism, building materials and other industries! For different media, the coating used is naturally different!