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What Is The Type Of Garment Thermal Transfer Technology?
Jun 28, 2018

What is the type of garment thermal transfer technology?


There are many types of garment thermal transfer technology. There are two major types of thermal transfer methods: sublimation thermal transfer printing and thermal transfer printing. Sublimation heat transfer printing simply means that the disperse dye or sublimation ink is previously printed or printed on a specific paper by a machine, and then the paper is transferred to the cloth to be printed by using a high temperature and high pressure. Finish the entire transfer printing process. However, with the development of science and technology, this industry has made some refinements, so that the transfer printing methods are endless, the most prominent is that the same paper as a transfer printing carrier, but the printing method is to use gravure printing machine to print disperse dyes as the mainstream.


Heat Press Machine That Prints On Any Shirt.jpgDifferent from sublimation thermal transfer printing methods, printing materials do not have the sublimation effect like sublimation dyes. The printing materials do not print at high temperature and high pressure, which causes the slurry to penetrate into the fabric fibers. Although it can also be heated with a transfer machine, “ "Printed" on the surface of clothing is like a layer of "paste" attached to the clothes surface. Its main features are: most of the substrates used are pet sheets. After printing various patterns of colors on pet sheets, hot melt adhesives are applied on the back of the pattern. It is this hot melt adhesive that matches the pattern. The clothes were firmly joined together, the pet waste film was peeled off, and the thermal transfer process was completed. Sublimation heat transfer printing plate low cost, full pattern level, beautiful color. Disadvantages: poor air permeability after transfer to the garment, soft feel without sublimation thermal transfer.

Sublimation transfer printing paper production process is similar to the digital color inkjet proofing system, that is, the computer will be thermal transfer of text, photos, etc. for processing and design, using a digital inkjet printer to print on the base paper, digital inkjet The printer is equipped with four independent ink cartridges, yellow, blue, black, and black, so that monochrome images can be printed on the base paper, and color images can also be produced. This inkjet printer saves the plate making process, reduces the production cost, and makes the thermal transfer process more simple.