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Vinyl Heat Transfer Machine

Vinyl Heat Transfer Machine

Printing area:38*38CM/40*50CM/40*60CM/50*70CM/60*70CM/60*80CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:95*82*65CM/95*88*695CM/95*92*68CM/120*110*68CM
Gross weight:125KG/135KG/138.3KG/142KG/178KG/225.8/KG

  • Features & Specification

    Vinyl Heat Transfer Machine

    Product features and our advantages

    Vinyl Heat Transfer Machine can heat transfer various kinds of patterns on cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other fabrics, and can also perform heat treatment such as screen printing, glue, foaming, etc.. It can also bake color markers, portrait photos, landscape patterns, etc. on porcelain plates and metal plates. This machine has reasonable and beautiful design and a solid welding overall structure. 

    Suitable business:

    For small printing business, 

    DIY printing business, 

    Customized Gift business, 

    Small home business, 

    The Graduate Enterprise Programmes...

    Product Specifications



    The lifting head, the first should be the first hand-locking handle loose, in addition, to the limit of the fall will feel the adjustment on the hand wheel has obvious resistance, this time should stop the operation.


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