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Best Swing Heat Press Machine

Best Swing Heat Press Machine

Printing area:38*38CM/40*50CM/40*60CM/50*70CM
Time range:0-999S
Max temp:0-399℃
Packing:Export carton with foam inside
Packing size:77*49*53CM/76*69*48CM/76*69*48CM/78*76.5*55CM
Gross weight:42.1KG/46KG/51.3KG/62.9KG

  • Features & Specification

    Product Features and Our Advantages of the Best Swing Heat Press Machine

    Machine design reasonable and beautiful, the overall structure of a solid welding, work absolutely solid, the material is quite real, after the main column stout strong, very solid base, the quality of non-general small workshop comparable to the market, far more than the market sales of similar machines.

    Time temperature electronic control, two-in-one intelligent LED display, the use of imported electronic original, high accuracy (temperature difference of only 1 ℃) long service life.


    Product Specifications of the Best Swing Heat Press Machine


    Product Application of the Best Swing Heat Press Machine

    Dark transfer paper, personalized T-shirts for thermal transfer paper. Dark transfer paper suitable for printing in a variety of dark fabric on the pattern, through the transfer paper transfer pattern color reproduction degree is high, no wrinkles, flexible, tear does not crack, feel good, no Heaviness.

    Why choose us?

    -Digital integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, combined control of temperature and time.
    Small size, light weight and fashionable appearance.
    -Digital LCD board, easy to read and control accurately. Soft keys are easy to touch and control, which makes it more convenient for adjustment.
    -Time setting for intelligent control for the constant temperature.
    -The hot-resistant silicon rubber can adjust the general pressure, avoiding the distortion of objects even when achieve at 430°F(221°C).
    -Heat preservation to shorten the time for next-time warming up.
    -The heating board and calefaction board are integrated, which is safer, more durable and balanced when heating.


    The use of the process to avoid the heat of the parts for a long time empty burning, if not cut off the power, please put a special anti-air burned with a similar hot stamping objects (scrap can be used, can be used repeatedly). CAUTION Do not damage the heated parts of the hot parts.



    Best Swing Heat Press Machine

    1.The whole machine must have the pretecting ground wire to keep safe;

    2. The perfect transfer needs the right time , tempreture and press .Many factors will effect the transfer print ,such as thickness of clothes ,materials and the types of transfer paper .After transferring the trial ,then can produce the large quatity.

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