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How is the market prospect of thermal transfer?
Oct 10, 2018

How is the market prospect of thermal transfer?


Digital Tshirt Printing Machine Price.jpgThe commonly used thermal transfer is a transfer technique and product, which is a technical form in which a pattern and an image on a thermal transfer paper are heat-transferred onto different material media using a thermal transfer device.

The two types of thermal transfer printing methods include sublimation transfer mode and thermosetting transfer mode. In terms of market demand, with the continuous development of the commodity economy, various manufacturers' departments have higher and higher requirements for the trademarks, labels and packaging of their own products. For the printing industry, the concept of printing is no longer the impression of people. Traditional paper is printed.

From our daily necessities to office appliances, to products from all walks of life such as electronics, decoration, and crafts, we need more and more practical external packaging, and most of these packagings rely on thermal transfer. Therefore, the thermal transfer industry has a very broad and deep market space.

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