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How to use Heat Press Printing Machine?
Jun 01, 2018

Matters needing attention of Heat press machine printing tshirt 

1. Ensure that the leader is responsible for monitoring the safety of the machine equipment and crew.

2. Before the operation, the operators must dress their work clothes, work hats and work shoes in a neat way, fasten the front of the coat and the cuff of the sleeves, and keep the bags free of clutter and wear no watches and accessories.

3. Before starting up, the required lubricating oil (grease) shall be added to each filling point, lubricating point and oil tank of the machine.

4. Without approval, non-crew members shall not start or operate the machine without authorization, and assistants and apprentices shall work under the guidance of the pilot.

5. Before starting the T shirt printing machine and heat press , it should check whether there is any sundries in all parts of the machine. It must first give the signal (press the safety bell) and echo back and forth to ensure the security around the machine before starting up.

6. Before the machine is running, first the counter counting cycle, and then the positive counting cycle, so as to avoid sundries between the rollers damaging the rubber cloth, printing plate, etc.

7. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly prohibited to touch the working face of the machine with hands, to prevent maintenance and cleaning of the machine, to avoid crossing the rotating parts, and to keep the protective device of the machine complete.

8. The crew should strictly observe the position according to the division of labor, pay attention to the operation of all parts of the machine at all times, and stop the machine immediately if any problem is found.

9. The working area shall be kept clean and unobstructed, and the ground shall be kept clean and unobstructed.There is no sundries around the worktable and machine, and the maintenance tools and spare parts should be placed in the specified position.

No one is allowed to laugh, play, or make any noise around the machine.

11. At the end of the work, clean the machine, protect the printing plate, scrub the rubber cloth, press the roller and roll the pillow, turn off the power, and fill in the work log.

12. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine, and filling in maintenance record data, can extend the service life of the machine, improve the production quality and safe production.

13. Non-staff members are prohibited from operating.

Troubleshooting of Multifunction heat press machine printing

In the process of using the cheap heat press printing machine , various problems often occur, often damage parts, electrical failures frequently occur, some people say the machine is too old.Old machines are an objective cause, but aren't new ones out of order?Some printing houses have more trouble with new machines than with old ones.Objectively speaking, the use and failure rate of the machine include the following factors: manufacturing quality of the machine, installation and debugging, maintenance status, reasonable operation, and above all, maintenance quality.The quality of the machine is objective at the time of delivery, whether new or old, installation and debugging is the first step.

Generally, the new machine is installed and debugged at the time of delivery. After quality inspection, it is transported by separate packaging.Not only is there a horizontal and reasonable installation problem, but there is also a check and correction problem.This is especially true for old machines. As for maintenance and use, there is not much to say.

Maintenance is not a simple disassembly, not only to find the cause of the failure, but also to find the resulting additional problems.

The Digital heat press machine for tshirt printing has a strict relationship of time fit, assembly tolerance and adjustment value.

Spare parts procurement and processing quality, not any parts and electrical components to use original accessories, original accessories of the high cost of purchasing cycle is long, unless special or key spare parts and other parts most parts and electrical components are can substitute, as long as the parts processing technology and the components and features.

Apart from the natural damage of the machine, the main fault of the circuit is to remove the hidden fault caused by careless installation or not to find the machine and human factors causing the circuit fault.

Heat Press Printing Machine

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