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How to use Label heat press machine?
May 25, 2018

Label press machine, a machine that adds a label to a product or package.


Purpose of Label heat press : to realize Automatic heat press machine paste, in the product circle surface, automatic label function.

Effect: improve the adhesion efficiency of the product labeling, the attached location is accurate, the quality is good, the stability is high;Avoid artificial labeling inefficient, attached with a skew, a series of problems such as uneven thickness of glue and fold, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling the human cost, improve the product identification and beautiful degree, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products.

Applicable scope: suitable for all kinds of industries including bottled, bagged, plastic and other materials.

Applicable label: paper label (need paste).

Applicable product: the product with paste label on the circumference surface is required.

Application industry: widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, wine and other industries.

Application examples: paste labels on the guns, paste labels on beer, paste labels on pesticide bottles, etc.


Use of Print and press machine

The purpose is to solve all signs, labels and nameplates for the enterprise.The super weather resistance such as good stickiness, not easy to fall off and not easy to fade color will help you to improve the production management site, improve the production efficiency, beautify the workplace, and standardize the internal managementSuch as a wide range of USES, professional production, you can reduce the cost, reduce the consumption of manpower, material resources, financial resources.

1. Make adhesive label and industrial label, and set the output direction of the sticker (straight/horizontal).

2. Continuous numbering function. It can be automatically arranged in the form of continuous setting, saving operation time and layout space.



The Clothes printing machine shall be composed of the following parts:

1. Packaging parts conveying mechanism.

2. Label organization and label transfer mechanism.

3. Adhesive coating mechanism

4. Labeling mechanism

5. Label leveling mechanism.

6. Drive mechanism

7. Electrical control device

Label heat press machine

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