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How to use heat press machine?
May 24, 2018
Mug Heat Press Machine

How to use heat press machine?


Mug press machine, also known as Digital heat press machine. Its principle is to use the heating pressure will be the sublimation ink to print the image or photo transfer to a special coating on the cup, introduced from abroad in recent years, raised a hot wave of domestic character printing.


The Cup heat press is mainly used for diy cups, such as cup, image cup, advertisement cup, music cup, chameleon cup, music change cup, lover's cup, gift cup, sports cup magic cup flash cup.It can be used for advertising, gifts, promotional activities and so on.It can also be used as a personalized item, as well as artistic appreciation and practicality.It is convenient and convenient to operate. It only takes 1-2 minutes to bake a single cup.So you call this the Mug printing machine


Classification of Heat press machine

According to the direction of the baking cup: can be divided into vertical toasting cup machine and horizontal toasting cup machine.

By function: separate toasting machine and multi-purpose toasting machine (with multiple toasted coasters, for example, large toasted coasters, small toasted coasters, cone-shaped toast pads, lovers' toasted coasters and other special-shaped toasted coasters)

According to the organization: can be divided into single - work roasting cup machine, double - station roasting cup and multi - station toasting machine.


Voltage: 220 v

Power: 320 W

Work environments: 0 ℃, 50 ℃, humidity (85% RH no corrosive gas

Time control: 0-999 seconds.

Machine weight: 8.0KG.

Packing size: 380 * 260 * 350 (mm)



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