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The development of Automatic Heat Press Machine
May 21, 2018

The development of Automatic Heat Press Machine

Automatic heat transfer press machine is a comprehensive technology, it, cybernetics and information theory, systems engineering, computer technology, electronics, hydraulic pressure technology, automatic control and so on all has a very close relationship, and the control theory and computer technology to the automation technology.


In 1785 watt improved the steam engine, and man began to enter the Automatic machine history.With the help of the centrifugal governor, the speed of its own is stable.The centrifugal governor is the earliest automatic machine in the world.In the 1940 s, through the efforts of American mathematician wiener and others, in automatic control, computer and communication technology, bionics and other science, on the basis of mutual penetration, cybernetics.This theory has a profound impact on automation technology.

The principle of feedback control proposed by wiener is still an important rule in control theory.In the 1960 s, with the complex process of industrial production, aviation and aerospace technology, social economic system and so on progress made in the field of automatic control theory development rapidly, greatly improve the Automatic machine design  technology level.Two remarkable developments are the widespread application of digital computers and the birth of modern control theory.


Several trends in Sublimation heat press machines automatic technology:


Electromechanical integration is the trend of future packaging machinery development.A complete mechanical and electrical integration system, generally includes computer, sensor, power source, transmission system, executive body and other parts, it abandoned the cumbersome and unreasonable part of the regular packing machinery, and machinery, a variety of subjects such as computer, microelectronics, sensor's advanced technology, to the packaging machinery in the design, manufacture and control have brought profound changes, fundamentally change the present situation of packaging machinery.

Mechanical versatility.

Industrial and commercial products have become more and more diversified. Under the change of the environment, diversified, flexible and versatile packaging machines can meet the market demand.

Structural design standardization, modular.

Make full use of the original model modular design, can change the new model in a short time.



With the continuous development of science and technology progress, the emergence of various food processed products of packaging technology and packaging equipment are proposed the new challenge, packaging automation technology plays a more and more important role in the field of circulation., increasingly competitive Automatic pneumatic heat press machine will cooperate with industrial automation trend of the future, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of packaging equipment, and packaging automation technology is developing towards the following trends: standardization and modularization structure design make full use of existing model modularization design, can be in a short period of time converting the new models.




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