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The processing of T Shirt Heat Press Machine
May 23, 2018

T shirt heat press machine various pyrograph through thermal transfer can be very hot on the fabrics such as cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, but also for silk screen printing, mucilage, foaming process such as heat treatment, can also be labelled color color, portrait, landscape design, and other baked in porcelain plates, metal plates, especially suitable for making MEDALS, commemorative ZhengPai, t-shirts, etc., economic and practical, beautifully designed.It is replacing traditional embroidery and screen printing, while costs and effects are much lower than the average embroidery and multicolor print.


According to the shape and function of pressing plate: plate scald machine, ironing machine, ironing machine, ironing machine.

According to operation power points: manual stamping machine, pneumatic scald machine, oil press and stamping machine;Or manual stamping machine, semi-automatic stamping machine, automatic stamping machine, shaking head type, pressure type, oil pressure type, etc.



T shirt design printing machine has three concepts, namely pressure, temperature and time.

Working mechanism: by heating the heating plate, with certain pressure, specific temperature and time, transfer the layer on the transfer paper to the substrate or infiltrate the substrate.

(1) the integration of microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, time controller, high accuracy (0.5 ° C temperature accuracy of + / -);

(2) the whole casting of heating wire and heating plate is safe, durable and evenly distributed;

(3) the heating plate is coated with teflon anti-sticking coating;

(4)Heat press and printer can be controlled by electronic time, and the signal alarm instruction is completed.

(5) the pressure can be adjusted freely;

(6) floor furnish high temperature resistant foaming silica gel plate, heat resistance of 350 ° C is not out of shape.



1. Lift the direct pressure handle to open the heating plate completely.Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on;Note: due to the high power of the machine, the machine must have the proper protection ground wire!!!

2. Adjust the temperature: press "+" or "-" to set the temperature, press" + "to increase the setting value of the temperature, press" - "to lower the setting value of the temperature.

3. Adjust the left timer knob to the appropriate time to 10 seconds.

4. When the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter the thermostatic state;

5. Transfer the transfer items like clothes and their flat on the substrate, and then fold the pictures to be transferred, and press the pressure handle forcibly;Note: the pressure must not be too large, otherwise it will cause the pressure handle to deform!The pressure should be adjusted first.

6. When the buzzer rings, the pressure handle is lifted, and the transfer is taken out of the paper.

7, baking sheet metal temperature is in commonly 170-170 ℃, time in 20-40 seconds;Generally 200-220 ℃, bake porcelain plate temperature in 120-150 seconds;Baking temperature of the fabric is in commonly 120-120 ℃, in 5 to 10 seconds.

The core part of the scald T shirt printing press machine for sale is the heating plate, so it should pay more attention when choosing the hot drawing machine.

The upper and lower plate should be of aluminum, and the heat pipe is cast in the aluminum plate.If the upper plate is the aluminum plate open slot, then use the heat pipe to stick on above, can cause unnecessary energy loss, use rise to have temperature rise slowly, constant temperature difference is big and so on shortcoming.

If the lower plate is made of iron plate or other material, it will be easy to deform and deteriorate in the long term working in high temperature and high pressure environment.

Depending on the area of the heating plate, the upper and lower plates have a weight standard. If it is too light and too thin, the heating plate will be easily deformed and affect the use.Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the more reliable the performance.

After High quality t shirt printing machine pressing, the board should be completely parallel to the bottom plate.Such as the lower is occlusive close to test, can be in the four corners, respectively put a slice of cardboard or other ductile material objects, and then to handle down, for the lower bite card died, will the cardboard these outwards, can know whether on the lower level off, the machine is qualified.

T Shirt Heat Press Machine

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