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What are the advantages of a garment printing machine?
Jul 16, 2018

What are the advantages of a garment printing machine?


China Heat Press Machine.jpgThe process of the garment printing machine is complicated by various digital methods, such as scanning, digital photos and other digital patterns input to the computer, and after being processed by the computer image, it is directly printed by the special RIP software. On various types of fabrics or other media, after processing and processing, various types of high-precision printing products are obtained on various types of textile fabrics, which have the following advantages compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process.

The consumption process of the garment printing machine greatly extended the original craft road, and the speed of taking orders was fast, and the sample money was greatly reduced. Because of the simplification of the process, the money for sampling is also greatly reduced. The extension of the proofing cycle and the decline in the amount of money for the sample, which is the money in today's work, the effectiveness is the law of market competition in life, undoubtedly bring more market opportunities to the enterprise.

The principle of the garment printing machine makes the product break the limitation of the traditional consumption of the color and the length of the flower back, which can make the textile fabric complete the printing result of the high-grade printing. The consumption of garment printing machines has truly completed the consumption process of small batches and fast response, and the consumption volume is not subject to any restrictions. Because the consumption process of the garment printing machine completes the computerized digital consumption, the sensitivity of consumption is greatly improved. The use of dyes in the printing process was dispatched by the computer on demand, so that in the process of printing, there was no smear of dyeing materials, no waste water occurred, and the green consumption process was completed, which brought a technical reaction to the consumption of textile printing and dyeing.

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