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What are the applications of thermal transfer coder technology?
Sep 21, 2018

What are the applications of thermal transfer coder technology?


Pneumatic Auto Dual Heat Press Machine.jpgThermal transfer coder technology is the ideal marking solution for flexible packaging. Thermal transfer printers are more advanced than traditional analog coding techniques. Thermal transfer technology introduces digital printing technology into many flexible film packaging applications commonly found in the food industry. Print the code onto a flexible film or label using a thermal transfer printhead and thermal transfer ribbon. With this technology, an extremely high-resolution, easy-to-read code can be created on the package, ensuring that the sensory quality of the packaging film style and design is not compromised.

Thermal transfer printing uses high-resolution thermal transfer printheads and thermal transfer ribbons. The printer heats selected elements on the thermal transfer printhead to transfer the colored pigments in the ribbon to the flexible package.

Thermal transfer coders are easy to program, allowing operators to quickly change messages. This reduces the downtime and effort required to change molds and rollers when using hot stamping and printing equipment. Advanced thermal transfer coder uses two-way ribbon drive to precisely control ribbon tension. The use of thermal transfer coder eliminates the need for unreliable mechanical solutions such as elastic adjustment arms, while achieving ribbon savings by precisely controlling ribbon position.

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